How We Work

From the systems design & consulting phase through to the database integration, training & support, the danic team is your team!


The danicEnterprise Consulting process consists of project management, process engineering, system integration, and change management.

Project Management

Involves the formulation of a comprehensive system design and detailed project plan for system development and implementation. This plan is then employed by the Danic account manager to coordinate the development of the system and assure its success.

Process Engineering

Involves identifying those agency processes worth saving or best changed. This is done quickly and efficiently relying on the danicEnterprise team's knowledge of how human service agencies work in general and ability to grasp how an individual agency works in particular. They know how best to configure Danic Tools to support and manage agency operations.

System Integration

Involves integrating danicEnterprise with existing operating systems, platforms and networks as well as with other applications through danicMap in order to fashion a comprehensive, cost effective solution.

Change Management

Introduces proven organizational and inter-personal approaches designed to minimize and overcome the inevitable resistance to the change that comes with the introduction of computerized systems of this scale.


Our staff usually provide danicEnterprise Training on-site. Interactive web-based training is also coming on-line whereby the instructor will be able to monitor the work of the trainees and take questions as they arise. A “Train the Trainer” approach is employed so that agencies may continue to train employees according to their own needs.

Support & Maintenance

There are four components to the danicEnterprise client support and system maintenance:

Key Person Insurance

Clients typically lose their danicEnterprise System Administrator, or SQL Database Administrator every five years. danicEnterprise provides the increased support necessary for the system to carry on for three months, allowing the time necessary to hire and train a replacement.

Free Software Updates

danicEnterprise insulates its clients from the merry-go-round of software upgrades, updates and add-on costs, by including Microsoft-driven changes as well as routine improvements into the basic support cost. In the conventional software world, vendors finance their on-going product development through a “never ending cycle of upgrade and update sales”. This is a problem for tight-budgeted Human Service agencies agencies. It causes agencies to put off these purchases and run systems far past their useful lives; agency software continually lags behind current technologies.

Most human service agencies use Microsoft and are driven by it. Microsoft continually releases new operating systems, database engines and application software upgrades in order to drive sales. They offer significant discounts to non-profit agencies, but only on their latest software releases - software releases that haven’t been fully field-tested. Danic must continually upgrade its products to run on these new platforms and wrestle with the problems created by faulty Microsoft systems

Microsoft SQL Server Support

Most agencies using the danicEnterprise client/server system run MS-SQL Client Server as the back-end database engine. For this reason, danicEnterprise includes MS-SQL Server support in most Annual Support Agreements.

Direct Support Services

We provide support through two mediums – Danic’s web-based Tracker and toll-free telephone support.

The Danic Tracker is used to log on-going, client-specific issues and problems. Agencies are expected to use the web-based Danic Tracker as their “first-line” of support. It’s easy for the agencies, it serves to automatically notify the responsible Account Managers and client System Administrators of the problem, and it provides a useful record of issues/problems presented, how they were resolved and how quickly—essential for informed support.

The Danic Tracker system provides a vehicle for client organizations to have access to documentation, updates and files specific to their organizations. The site also provides a secure means by which client organizations can upload problem data or transaction files to our secure FTP site for analysis.

Toll-Free Telephone Support is available to all clients. This support provides direct access to our Technical Support office in Ottawa, Canada.

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