danicEnterprise is a person-centered, object-relational, database management system designed to support affordable, integrated, enterprise systems expressly for health and human service agencies.

danicEnterprise is Comprehensive

With sweeping functionality, danicEnterprise is designed to connect and improve the agency life and productivity of everyone from the financial, human resources, operations and development staff in the back office, to the front line service workers, contractors and consultants in the field, to the persons they support. danicEnterprise is a true enterprise-wide system fashioned to support the central functions of human service agency management: consumer management, staff management, financial management, volunteer management, fund-raising management, and, common to all, the management of time.

danicEnterprise Saves Time

Unlike traditional software made up of partially-connected, overlapping software “suites” and “modules,” Danic is one integrated, system.  Any piece of information need be entered once and only once.  This means considerable savings in time, and avoids the problem plaguing traditional systems where modules grow out of synch with information updated in one module and not others. It is packed with practical, time-saving features.

danicEnterprise Saves Money

Uniquely flexible, it’s elegant person-centered, object-oriented design is built to the higher-order standards ofconvergent engineering meaning that it can be quickly configured to meet the needs of any type of human service agency much more quickly and economically than traditional hard-coded software. Conventional database management systems require a heavy load of programmers up front to customize the system software to fit an agency’s individual needs, and a number of programmers on call to make continual changes to the software to accommodate evolving needs, not Danic.

Product Details

Time Saving Features

Reminders. Set reminders for yourself or others as needed, on a periodic basis (e.g. annual checkups, staff re-certifications), or as automatically triggered by events (e.g. overdue appointments, prolonged case inactivity).

Notifications. Automatically notify those responsible by email, mail or through the Danic system of critical events (e.g. critical incident notifications), overdue appointments, and other situations demanding action.

Wizards. No need to memorize the steps involved in multiple-step operations thanks to Danic’s many wizards. Save time by invoking actions on multiple records at once (e.g. filing batches of records). Authorize and create statements and invoices covering multiple service events for payment, archive cases with extended periods of inactivity, and perform other administrative actions involving multiple steps and or records at the touch of a key.

Replication. Avoid entering the same information repetitively. Auto-fill multiple data fields associated with different actions using stored data from like activities.

Windows. Cut and paste, sort data, check spelling, and take advantage of other basic windows functionality within Danic, or copy the Danic, screen, record or report to MS Word or Excel to utilize an even broader range of windows features.

Data Cleaning. Set rules to prohibit or issue warnings on the entry of incorrect and inconsistent data.

Mailings. Build and manage mailing lists for different purposes, print to labels; transfer addresses to form letters in Microsoft word. Set event triggers to produce form letters for mailing or emailing to related parties.

Staff Management

Track staff training, certifications, and any other personnel information. Track time and attendance; feed this information to payroll. Track applicants, reference and background checks. Schedule employee meetings and activities, and other events. Track employee performance, and compensation; document reviews.

Consumer Management

Record and monitor whatever client information the agency wishes to track. Organize this information into whatever groups (e.g. geographic, programmatic, age) make sense for planning, monitoring, evaluation, budgeting and billing. Use it for person-centered and/or program-focused planning and budgeting. Follow consumer activities and events, note progress, and electronically share notes; attach related documents, photographs, and authorizations (signatures). Track persons active and in service as well as any inactive and/or awaiting service. Utilize agency-defined standards, assessments, surveys and protocols or import such from outside accreditation, certification, licensing and other organizations.

Time Management

The features in Danic’s centralized scheduler rival those of the most robust scheduling software on the market. Coordinate staff / client meetings, as well as space and equipment use. Take a daily, weekly or monthly view of one’s calendar. Employ multiple views of individual, space and equipment in the search for mutually available times. Easily change times and dates of meetings and events by clicking and dragging. Convert appointments to actual contacts with one click, invoice them with another, add notes for the record.

Volunteer Management

Record relevant information on volunteer interests, skills and offerings. Match volunteers and clients by compatibility of interests and schedule. Track volunteer time by whatever activity types are desired. Capture and report volunteer feedback and any other pertinent information pertaining to volunteer efforts.


The breadth of Danic’s querying and reporting capability has always been its long suit with the ability to create hundreds of statistical reports on individual characteristics (clinical and demographic), activities, cases, issues and problems, surveys, goals and outcomes. Now add remarkable depth. The reporting engine generates a standard set of commonly-needed, multi-dimensional reports. These display in both tabular and graphic form with extensive drill-down capabilities. Easily change their look (colors, fonts, layouts). Save special queries and reports for repeated use.

Navigational Ease

Thanks to Danic’s true integration and object relational database, moving from one record to another or from one function to another, one screen to another is only a mouse click or three away. Users won’t be overwhelmed by the breadth of the Danic system as they will see only the limited set of functions, records, screens that apply to their role in the agency. The ability to bring multiple screens up at a time helps users get a more complete picture relevant to the task at hand. Fashion user screens to mirror current forms and showing only user-related functions and data, making the system easy to learn and operate.

Personalized Help

Danic’s extensive online help functionality can be customized by agency staff to address issues and questions of particular import to the agency.

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